Accounting & Economic Experience:

January 2017 - Present

Owner-Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services

February 2008 – January 2017
Shareholder–Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services, Fitts Roberts & Co., P.C.

February 2006 – February 2008
Manager–Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services, UHY Advisors FLVS, Inc.

March 1998 – February 2006
Sr. Manager–Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services, Elms, Faris & Company, LLP

  • Performed complex business valuations for capital funding, mergers, acquisitions, financing, buy-sell agreements, litigation, gifting, income tax planning, estate tax planning, and final estate valuations.
  • Developed basic research, economic and statistical models, and testified as an economic and accounting expert in cases regarding commercial damages, executive compensation, tracing and characterizing, wrongful death, and personal injury litigation.
  • Developed basic research, economic and statistical models, executed the Benford studies, and testified as an economic and accounting expert in cases regarding forensic investigations involving fraud, theft, collusion, and misappropriation of funds.
  • Other services include the examination of 401(k) holdings, Summary Plan Description (SPD) compliance, the analysis and determination of professional good will (personal good will), and practice good will.
  • Litigation, investigative, and consulting experience includes the following industries ranging from proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations: hospital operations, physician practices, home health care, banking and finance, equipment manufacturing, reconditioning, oil and gas operations, oil and gas services, information technology, patents, competitive intelligence, commercial printing, legal practices, compressed gasses distribution, internet service providers, computer sales and service providers, real estate development, real estate rental property, construction, used car dealerships, ranching and farming, hotel and motel services, paving and highway construction and maintenance, confectionery, advertising and promotion, international operations and commercial trucking.

Litigation, valuation and tracing engagements of specific interest include:

  • Sole financial expert for the defense of a multi-national client in a commercial damages case involving alleged damages of $42 million with a jury decision after a three-week trial for the defendant
  • Consulting with an appraisal district to determine the value of a merchant energy electric power generating plant appraised with values ranging from $178 to $240 million.  The agreed settlement value was $220 million.
  • Designed methodology and performed data analytics on a Mid-Fortune 500 Company to determine a matter of contract compliance pursuant to the sale of a business allowing the settlement of a $32 million claim.
  • Saved a Mid-Fortune 500 Client $500,000 in fees on a three month document examination pursuant to a Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) investigation.
  • Developed a valuation model quantifying Enterprise Goodwill in a two partner law firm leading to a significant settlement for the client.

February 1988 – March 1998
Corporate Controller for Business Investment & Development Corporation

  • Managed the financial and managerial accounting infrastructure for a consolidated group of corporations in multiple states including twenty-three wholly owned subsidiaries and their related inter-company account balance eliminations and consolidations.
  • Managed the human resource, compensation, compliance, and reporting function of the entire consolidated group of corporations particularly regarding deductions and remittances for bi-weekly payroll, 401(k), cafeteria plan, credit union, and statutory federal and state agencies. Registered by Texas during tenure as a third party administrator.
  • Developed the methodology for and managed the development of proprietary software used by the corporation’s wholly owned and franchised locations in the reporting and management of collateral recovery franchises in multi-state locations.
  • Performed the due diligence and made recommendations regarding the purchase price and subsequent acquisition of a grandfathered Texas Managing General Agency (MGA) from the Resolution Trust Corporation.
  • Assisted corporate and independent counsel in forensic and economic research, investigating franchisee operations, and preparing documents for and related to litigation.
  • Consolidated group of corporations included the following industries: multi-state franchising, setting franchise royalty rates, setting software license fees, real estate development, commercial printing, finance, insurance sales, real estate sales and leasing, risk management, business investment and development, collateral recovery, car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, recreational vehicle dealerships, software development and sales, information technology support, and business management.

August 1985 – February 1989
Casparis & Associates, Proprietor

  • Recruited, trained, and managed a securities and insurance sales force of over fifty individuals.
  • Researched and developed the marketing plan and customer base to support three-office insurance and securities sales and service organization in West Texas.
  • Designed and implemented business plans, secured financing, and advised a myriad of businesses including ostrich farming, manufacturing, automotive repair, medical practice management, and home health care.
  • Consulting research expert primarily for defense law firms specializing in “hard to find third party information.”
  • Agency included Series 6 and 63 licenses, Group 1 life and health insurance, local recording agency for property and casualty insurance, and management and litigation consulting.

February 1983 – August 1986
Repair Center Controller for Ingersoll-Rand Corporation

  • Managed the integrity of the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers including work in process, payroll, personnel, and management reporting for the Midland, Texas repair center facilitating more profitable bids and overall larger repair center profitability.
  • Collected past due accounts receivable.
  • Worked with corporate programmers to debug proprietary software applications running at the repair center level of operations to ultimately be installed on a national level.

August 1982 – February 1983
Real Estate Developer and Office Manager for Paul Rochester Investments

  • Developed proprietary spreadsheet technology to forecast real estate development projects, interim financing, and end-loan needs for pro-forma packages used in analyzing properties for acquisition.
  • Coordinated architects, engineers, contractors, municipalities, savings and loans, banks, and marketing agencies to develop real estate concepts, secure interim financing, bid construction contracts, and lease and/or sell properties.
  • Managed the day-to-day operations of a private investment business including a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and money markets.
  • Assumed direct management of three development properties to timely complete the projects.
  • Anticipated and planned for the demise of the Texas real estate market and of the organization.

August 1981 – August 1982
Assistant Controller for Gibson’s Distributors Incorporated

  • Directly managed a $120 million a year cash flow for thirteen West Texas store locations including advancing and paying down a self-liquidating inventory line of credit.
  • Directly responsible for converting the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems on schedule and the staff to manage the same.
  • Directly responsible for preparing the monthly financial statements and management reports on a consolidated and store-by-store basis and the staff to manage the same.
  • Directly responsible for year-end inventories and the staff to manage the same.
  • Directly responsible for securing real estate for the Odessa West side store location.
  • Advised against executive management using the self-liquidating inventory line of credit for capital acquisitions.

June 1980 – August 1981
Assistant Controller for Abbott Building and Development Company

  • Directly responsible for the conversion of the company’s financial and construction accounting software application, twice.
  • Directly responsible for the company’s Houston, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana development and construction financial and management accounting activities.
  • Directly responsible for the principal’s partnership accounting and reporting operations including real estate rentals, a convenience store, and gas station.
  • Coordinated the financial and accounting for the real estate development company and assisted the developer in developing and marketing Fairmont Park, a sizable parcel in Midland, Texas.
  • Assisted the controller in preparing financial proformas used in obtaining financing for real estate development.

January 1980 – June 1980
Property Accountant for HNG Oil

  • Prepared AFE analysis and recorded property transactions related to oil and gas leaseholds.
  • Inventoried and reconciled assets recorded on properties in South Texas.

January 1979 – January 1980
Staff Accountant for Medical Center Hospital

  • Prepared month-end accounts payable accruals classified by general ledger account number.
  • Inventoried the operation room supplies and reconciled the physical count to the general ledger.
  • Investigated central supply irregularities on an ad hoc basis.
  • Assisted independent auditors.

July 1978 – January 1979
Collateral Control Clerk for Western National Bank

  • Maintained physical control of security documents for installment and demand notes.
  • Performed physical counts on floor-planned inventory.
  • Maintained collateral security checklist for installment and demand notes to assure UCC-1 filings were maintained timely.

January 1977 – July 1978
Part-time Estimator for Young Brothers Contractors, Inc.

  • Estimated quantities of material related to highway and subdivision construction including HMAC, stabilizing base, and concrete for bridges, gutters, and sidewalks.
  • Assisted lead estimator in estimating labor.
  • Measured quantities of construction in progress for progress billing of contracts.

 January 1976 – January 1977
Part-time Child Care Worker for the Methodist Children’s Home Psychiatric Hospital

  • Supervised under-eighteen male and female tenants of the behavioral modification ward in daily activities and family visits.
  • Monitored medication compliance, charted behavior in tenant’s files and attended staff meetings to discuss treatment plans.


Alexander "Lamar" Casparis, Jr.