Alexander "Lamar" Casparis, Jr.


"Lamar is very intelligent, hard-working and driven to succeed. He brings a great deal of insight to a project and is very easy to work with." ~ Vice-President, Basic Energy Services

"Never play poker with Lamar. He is disarming with the down home charm of a true southern gentleman, but you will never meet a sharper consultant with such an exacting attention to detail. His integrity is beyond reproach and his word is his bond. Be smart - accept his counsel." ~ Global Account Executive, CSC Corporation

"Lamar is a very focused and intelligent individual whom I had the privilege of working with for several years in litigation as well as business valuation contexts. He always go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and serves well as either an advocate for a client or as an independent expert depending on the situation.I continue to recommend him often to my clients and other contacts." ~ Partner, Weaver, LLC

Forensic Accounting, Business Valuations, Compliance, Damages, Investigations

More than a CPA...

Welcome and thank you for finding my personal webpage! The average person will spend less than 30 seconds here, but you may be looking specifically for someone like me. I provide Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services as a Texas Certified Public Accountant. Reading the following pages, you will learn how I am different than many others. I have a broader and deeper academic and professional experience in many of the industries I serve. That is because I have worked in many of those industries and understand their operations, their information systems, and their control environments. Additionally, I have taken the time to learn from other fields beyond accountancy (economics, management, information systems, quantitative analysis, and finance) to bring those skills and value to the engagement. Please spend some time on the following pages to see if I can bring a solution to a business or personal matter for you, a friend, or a client.

"Lamar is without a doubt one of the brightest and best consultants on valuation and litigation matters. I know he will help when we have an issue requiring talent." ~ Dallas CPA